Help! How do i....(RW/Foundation)

  1. Set a fixed height fullscreen responsive background?

The only way to do this in Foundation is with the column stacks but as the content grows or shrinks so does the image…i want to make it independent. I had a look at Joe Workman’s Eclipse stack…any other solutions?

  1. Have content ‘scroll up’ into view from menu selections…

Kind of like what Screens does but purely have the content scroll up to appear…some kind of content switcher?

Any help would be most appreciated, i need to create this effects without wasting money and time. I know White duck probably can do all these things but hell it’s a bit above my brain power. Thankyou in advance RW Community

You can set a background in site styles

which is not responsive unfortunately :frowning:

only when you use it in a column background is it responsive.

I want the background responsive independent of content size

As for point 1. you might want to have a look at Srcerer by Shakingthehabitual?

…I forgot which Stacks can do what you want on point 2…


Can anyone offer some other stacks for these functions?

I have a free Static Height stack if you really want a section to be an exact static height.

There are a lot of ways to switch content. I have Peek-a-Boo, Tabulous, MovingBox. I am not sure if any of those fit your needs though.

thanks Joe, actually i may not have explained what I’m trying to do well…I want the background cover image to resize responsively (as it does when you put an image in a Foundation column) but independently of the content height…is that possible?

Moving Box can definitely handle more than just images…

Quite correct Joe, user error! Also worked out how to trigger the slides from links thanks to your docs.

Anything on the background image? Does that make sense? I want it to be responsive independent of the content size…so a starting desktop size that shrinks down to mobile

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