Is there a responsive RW theme similar to this Wordpress theme?

Is there a responsive RW theme similar to this minimalist Wordpress theme?

And any help steering me toward the stack(s) needed for the gallery effects.

Thanks very much for your help!

Not that I know of but it would be easy to recreate in Foundation or Freestack Responsive.

Mmm. I concur. Foundation would do it in a heartbeat, but cleaner and the benefit of no theme is you really have lots more control.

Joe Workman’s Popup Caption stack would give you those appearing captions in the gallery.

@peterdanckwerts @tj87 Thanks guys for the advice. I actually bought Foundation shortly after i got RW about a month ago, but have been put off by the learning curve while initially getting familiar with RW itself and stacks and working on a project using a theme. But perhaps this would be a good project to start with learning Foundation as the layout is so simple.

I think there was mention of another stack for creating the black & white to color image roll over effect in the forum previously, but don’t recall the name of the stack, and then i imagine i’d need another stack for the gallery itself and the pop up video or still photo embeds?

Thanks again!

The Grayscale stack is probably what you are thinking of.

@peterdanckwerts Thanks Peter - that was it.