HELP - Navigation Not Working - APTENON 3.1 - SITE DOWN

Hi there. I am in a crisis. I updated to Aptenon 3.1 but my navigation is not working. Anywhere in the site! The colors I pick for navigation are not publishing properly and no navigation links work or move me around the site.

This is true WITHIN RapidWeaver as well. Even in the application, the navigation has stopped working.

Here’s my site:

Our site is essentially not useable. Please, does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!


You’re using the DEMO version of the theme. In the demo versions, navigation links are usually not activated so that people can’t use the demo version on live sites.

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Thank you so much for your help. I’m still confused. I have used Aptenon for quite some time. Through all the versions.

All I did was go from 3.0 to 3.1. I have the registration code. So I’m not sure why it defaulted back to demo.

Do you know where I would go to look for the registration code to re-enter it maybe that’s the problem. I looked all over. (I don’t change themes a lot so not sure where this is located).

Thank you SO Much!

Did you update the the theme through the RW updater or download it from SeyDesign?

Maybe you could check your original purchase receipt to see if there’s a way of downloading the latest full version. Below is from the SeyDesign website about updating.

Thank you again Neil. This solved the problem. I did download it from their site. Waterfall wasn’t downloading it. I guess the version there made it disconnect me from the correct version.


I’m not sure if you’re an expert on this theme or not, but the ORIGINAL reason I updated to the latest version is because the site navigation will not publish the color scheme I’m programming. I thought the update might fix it.

I’m so happy to the site is back up and running but the navigation is still the wrong color. Here’s the issue:

Navigation: The theme is not updating my color choices. See the two attached images. The FIRST one below is the RapidWeaver ‘Preview’ that is what I want to publish.

The second is the live page to show you what actually gets published on the web. I cannot figure out why any color change I make to navigation in RW is not populating to the new page once published . All other changes I make to the same page get implemented. Have you ever seen this?

The second page (show below) is what’s live on our site at

As you can see, the navigation is not correct. Very difficult colors to read. But the new colors I pick in RW don’t get published.

Do you have any idea why this might be happening? Thanks again. I really appreciate your help! Sam

I’ve just checked and it appears to have published the changes (see below). I think you just need to clear the browser cache.

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Thank you again. Wow. I must be tired. I feel like an idiot. I went to three machines. And two browsers and could not see the changes. This has been persisting for weeks. But now. Yes. I cleared the cache and it’s correct!

Sorry for the bother. It was so helpful to get your view and insight. Especially me not noticing the ‘demo’ version it went back to. Thank you and goodnight!

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