Help Please... ."> symbols at top of pages?


Oddly these symbols are always at the top left of my page? .">.
Has anyone ever seen this? is my site… Thanks!!!

sorry question 2 - Joe workman’s stack oEmbeded - seams to not load for instagram feed?
anyone have the same problem? could this just be their algorithm?

Thank you so much!!

Barkley Hunt

Somewhere you added a code and the .">. are the leftovers. Check the CODE settings in the left sidebar and there all places you can add custom code:

About emdedd: @joeworkman might be of help…

hi - thank you for this - i will look shortly. Appreciate Your help!!


Found it:

In Safari click on Develop/Show Elements
Then Commnd F and search for it

Webpage seems to be down now.

As for Instagram, you are correct. Instagram/Facebook do not allow that. Only individual posts.

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