Help - Renamed a project and it switched to Folder

I have several websites and I have to use “public_html” to publish. (could be doing this all wrong…Is there a different way with several websites?)

So here I am, this morning I renamed one of projects to public_html-2 and when I went to rename public_html-1 to just public_html it switched to a folder. Ugh !!

How can I make this folder a project again?

I have full access to where all the files are online as well.

Using RW8, Stacks4, Foundry,

Thanx in advance for your help,

Not sure if I understand what you’re saying.

The RW project file name has nothing to do with the publishing path.

Inside publishing settings is where you set or select the path along with all the other settings.

If you have several sites then each one would have different URL’s and different publishing settings including a path.

RW project files are actually a special folder called a package. macOS will make it into a project by The file extension. That extension name varies depending on the version of RapidWeaver you’re using.

Thanks for the reply.

So, the project, as I call it, was a an icon on my desktop (Imac - MacOS Sierra 10.12.6) that I’d click to open RW8 program to work on my website and yes, it was a special file. I’m guessing it is what you refer to as a “package”.

So I changed the name on the project (Package) and when the name changed, it changed from an “icon” to a “folder” The new folder, has with it it, more folders and a couple others. These folders are named: rw_common, resources, About-Us, IndustriesServed, Brochure, Photos, files, Contact-Us, favicon.ico, sitemap.xml, index.html

There is no way for me to open this with RW8.6.2.

Hopefully, this explains my issue with clarity.

When you renamed the project file if you had left the extension set to .rw8 it should have been fine.

If you remove or change the extension then you should have got a warning message from macOS like this:

If you haven’t done anything to the folder that would have damaged it then you should be safe to rename it back to any file name you want with the extension set to .rw8. You will get a warning message like this:
Reply Add (not the default:
So a folder that is named


Should be renamed:


That should make RW and macOS recognize it as a RapidWeaver 8 Project file.

Of course, I wouldn’t name the project file that but that’s up to you. I’d probably name it something more descriptive as to what the site is.

Thanx, your suggestion worked perfectly.

FYI, when I changed it earlier today, I never received any pop up message. Weird…

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