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A couple of days ago I produced a new website using RW8 which I uploaded to my host provider (it looks great) I also uploaded it to a known directory on my computer. Since then in order to clean up my computer I have moved some files around. The folder holding locally stored website is still on my computer and if I click on the “index.html” file the website works. However when I open RW8 my new website has gone!!! Is there some way of getting it back? Please.

Have you used Spotlight to search for the .rw8 file? Maybe just search for .rw8 and see if it can be found and then opened in Rapidweaver.

Hopefully you didn’t delete the project file or if you did you have a TimeMachine backup.

When you publish a site either locally or to a web server it’s a “bi-product” of a RapidWeaver project file. The project file holds all the needed resources and information to produce the files that create the website.

In RW8 the project files all have the extension RW8 So you can do a finder search for that extension:

Thanks for your help - I have my lost website data back thanks to you its now in RW8 / on the opening page under Recent.
Thanks again, Andrew

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