Help with cookie to cross-site

This may be a bit much to ask here, but no harm in asking some kind soul. This sort of thing is out of my league, but armed with the right info I do believe I can make it happen.

Button on RW page leads to another page (cross-site but in control).

Along with that button click I need to set a cookie to use on the destination site to return to the originating RW page. Searching for RW stacks, can’t find anything other than Stacks4stack Cookie manager, but seems to be about GDPR. So questions:

  1. How to set up on the RW side?
  2. What javascript to use?

This looks promising as it is explicit instructions and includes this: “Every cookie is accessible only on a particular domain, which defaults to the current domain and its subdomains — for example, a cookie set on would by default be accessible from but not from the main domain The domain property allows an alternative domain to be specified”

I have help on the target site to get it set up. Need help on the RW side. Help is appreciated. Certainly willing to pay for private help also.

Maybe this helps on the one on the target site. Inside the HTTP referrer header field, you get automatically the original website where the request originated from.

So on the destination site the user will click a button to return the the referring page? Is that correct?

Yes. However, not just a browse back javascript. The destination may take a few internal turns, so having that referring page in the session to recall is the trick.

Thanks Jannis. That one looks to be a bit dicey from what I’ve read. Will study up on it further.

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