Help with link to external site on Tesla Theme

(Tanya Razo) #1

Hey There!

on my site, I have a page FILMS, with a graph linked to an external URL -

But the link keeps routing here instead:

I verified the link only has the allthekingsmenmovie But every time I click it it displays page not found because its taking me to the bad link.


(David) #2

you have to use an “Off-Site Page” which is one of the page options in RW.

(Tanya Razo) #3

I don’t see “Off-Site Page” as an option.

I see URL, PAGE (which displays the pages in the current site) and RESOURCES (which display my graphics)

(David) #4

In the top left corner of RW there is a + with Add underneath it. Click that and select an Off-Site page.

(Tanya Razo) #5

hey David, that will add a new page. I don’t want to add a new page. I want one of the graphics I added to be hot linked, so that when the user clicks on it they are redirected to an external site. I have several other links working, but this one is messed up and I can’t figure out how to fix. tale a look here:

the facebook and instagram links work
but the third does not…

(David) #6

Sorry I misread your post. Please ignore the stuff about the off-site page.

You just have to select Url and type in in the link box. I think it needs the http://. See if that does it.

(Tanya Razo) #7

That was it ~
Thanks so much David!

(David) #8

Glad it worked. And sorry for misreading and sending you off in another direction.

(system) #9

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