Embedding an offsite page into a RW page

I am trying to import an ofsite page.

I have tried JW offsite stack, all good in RW preview but when published Im not seeing the page.
Same with embed page stack.

I have used the RW offsite page and that works. But I’d like to encorporate that into another page.

Is there way I can do this? Or is rthe offsite page somehow blocked from doing this? Is there a way I can find this out / Other than it not working !

I think we’ll need more information on what you’re trying to do to make recommendations.

A RW “Offsite” page is just a way to include a link to another website in your navigation. It is not a way to incorporate content from another site into your site.

Do you control both sites? Why do you want the content on the other site and embedded instead of just including that content in your existing site?

You could use an iframe to include the content. That’s essentially what Joe’s Offsite stack does. I noticed that the demo of it on his site does not work either. Perhaps there is a bug that is causing it not to work on your site and his? @joeworkman

Ahhh ok thanks.

I had thought it actually pulled the page into a RW page. No worries.
I dont actually control the other site.

She is happy with the button taking her to the page so I’ll leave it as is.

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