Trouble Using Offsite Page

Hi all,

I want to link an existing site behind a rapidweaver menu item
Hence I tried to use “Offsite Page” …
I was looking for something like an “input field” for a straight full URL
But could not find any

Then tried to read what this should behave like in you manual - only to find that there is no manual for RW6 …

Any link that explains the use of “offsite pages” in text form - videos require too much time for my taste and also too much bandwidth when having to work via a 4g mobile network

This issue cost me 90 minutes of frustration now - and I’m stuck. I’ve done similar things with RW4 wto any issues …

Sorry … but I’m a bit frustrated here … :frowning:

Open the Page Inspector, head to the Page Details tab:

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Thanks … works
was somewhat tough to find :frowning: