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(Nick Watson) #1

Hey there,

As anyone got any tips on aligning several images together on a page? I’ve got several company logos that I need to place, at the moment they are all cramped together and I would like them aligned neatly. Is there some code that can do the trick? I’m using Rapidweaver 5.4.

Many thanks


(Doug Bennett) #2

I don’t know RW 5, but I would suggest you provide a URL to your site or at least a test page.

(Nick Watson) #3

Hey Teefers,

Thanks for the tip. The URL is and the logos are on the homepage.

I have more I would like to add but cannot space them out.



(steve bee) #4

Put them a grid. There are some free options out there, Adaptive Grid and Useful Grid from is good.

Or, you want super ease of use and to be able to control the grid height and content alignment (for rows of logos you most want this) try @Doobox Grid.

Grid maxes at four, so to achieve eight, you’d first setup a grid of two, then add a grid of four to each.

(Greg Schneck) #5

Thumbs up to Adaptive Grid… Allow great and precise control for responsive pages.

(Nick Watson) #6

Thanks Steve B, sounds great, will give that a go.


(Nick Watson) #7

Thank Greg, checking it out now.


(system) #8

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