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(Nick Watson) #1

Hey there,

As anyone got any tips on aligning several images together on a page? I’ve got several company logos that I need to place, at the moment they are all cramped together and I would like them aligned neatly. Is there some code that can do the trick? I’m using Rapidweaver 5.4.

Many thanks


(Doug Bennett) #2

I don’t know RW 5, but I would suggest you provide a URL to your site or at least a test page.

(Nick Watson) #3

Hey Teefers,

Thanks for the tip. The URL is and the logos are on the homepage.

I have more I would like to add but cannot space them out.



(Greg Schneck) #5

Thumbs up to Adaptive Grid… Allow great and precise control for responsive pages.

(Nick Watson) #6

Thanks Steve B, sounds great, will give that a go.


(Nick Watson) #7

Thank Greg, checking it out now.


(system) #8

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