Place Logo In Banner

Hello everyone, I am wondering which stack to use to put my logo in in the banner over the images. I am new here so my question may seem amateur because it is. Thanks

Depends on the theme, which theme are you using?
If you have a framework such as Foundation, UI kit or Foundry you have more options to do that

I do have third party themes. Affinity and a couple from Nick Cates. I also have foundation and the starter pack. Thank you

If you are using foundation get the sections stack from big white duck, it will give the ability to create a banner any size you want and place a logo with or without content and even animate it, it’s free but please donate some $$$ if you’re going to use it.

As far as the other themes, don’t think affinity supports content over the banner. I think only Nick’s writer and forward only support content over banners, do you have those?

Thank you rolisize. I am going to check that out. Sounds exactly what I’m looking for. Yes I have no problem paying for other people’s hard work.

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