Help with writing a pdf tutorial

I have switched to using RapidWeaver to create a web site and, to be honest, I am not finding it as easy as I had hoped. Perhaps it is because it is so different from what I have been used to. However, the more I use it, the easier it is getting.
There are some really good video tutorials on the internet made by Realmac and, in particular, from Joe Workman (and others) but I find videos a bit hard to remember and prefer to see things in writing. So I am writing a basic tutorial in pdf format that I hope will help others who are new to RapidWeaver.
I am no expert and would like some help/feedback from those who know much more than I do. So I have completed part 1 of my proposed tutorial and if anyone would like to offer any advice or, simply want to read it, please email me and I will send you a copy,

Just wondering, if the tutorial you are writing on Foundation itself, or on RapidWeaver? If not on Foundation, wondering if you could change the Category this thread is in.

Also, would love to read the PDF. PM me with a link to it.

Also, I know this is old, but there is a couple of books on RapidWeaver, they are about RW 5, but still worthy.

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Hi there,
The tutorial is going to be on how to create a Web site using the Fountation Theme in RapidWeaver.
Can’s send you a link yet because I have not uploaded it anywhere. Use the email I supplied and I can reply and return the pdf to you.
Ronnie West.

Just sent it. Just wondering, did you ever see Joe’s Doc Portal? Specifically the Foundation pages?

My emails to you are bouncing back to me, says ‘name not recognised on server’
Have you, by chance, recieved the tutorial yet?

Would love to see he tutorial.