Best Tutorial for RW8 and Foundation 6

Hi all, I’m in the Beginner stage and am looking for tutorials on the basics of RW8 and Foundation 6. The Tutorials I have found all seem outdated. Perhaps I should watch these even though, for instance, the Site Styles stack looks completely different now and even the stacks I need to follow along are not used in the current Foundation stacks? I would gladly pay good money to learn, but it would be super helpful if the tutorials use the products I have (all current versions of RW, Found and stacks).

Any help would be super greatly appreciated! Thank you, everyone.

Look for the Weavers Space channel on YouTube. Joe posts a new video about Foundation 6 nearly every week. Yes, there are lots of videos to work through. Start with learning the basics (there are videos that cover basics). But Foundation 6 is an extremely powerful and flexible framework, to learn it well you will need to invest some time. Once you do, you will love the sites you can build with it.

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Thanks so much, Firedude. I’ll see if Joe has some good beginner tutorials. Yes, I’m aware that to “conquer” RW/F (if that could ever be done), I’ll need to invest some time. I’m up for that!

Thank you!

There is a playlist on my channel. I would watch it mostly in order for the first 5-10 videos. After that, you can pick and choose from the large library of videos.


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