Looking for RW5 tutorials

I’m running OS10.9 Mavericks, and have re-downloaded Rapidweaver 5 after a long break. I’d first bought it MANY years ago, but never needed to use it it til now, and I’m looking for the online tutorials that I recall seeing years ago. I remember that they were terrific, but I can’t find then on Rapidweaver’s site anymore.

Are they archived on YouTUbe somewhere??

I’m happy with any advice you can give me on where to locate them!


I’m not sure about video tutorials, however, there was a book from Joe Workman that might be of valuable help:


There is also another Rapidweaver book that I’ll post the link for when I find it.

Et voila - from 1 Little Designer:

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Thank you so much! I just found the Workman book myself, noodling around on Amazon, and bought it (it must be the one you suggested). I appreciate this.


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