Hi. Newbie with a strange banner view in Foundry

Hi everyone. Very impressed with this software and how web design has changed over the years.

I’m following the foundry getting started videos and added my first banner with image, header text, first paragraph and a button. What is strange is the paragraph and button are not displaying in Banner stack. The stack doesn’t seem to be growing as I drag more stacks into it.

see screenshot as you can see the button below the paragraph isn’t on display at all.

Have I missed something somewhere?



The Banner stack has a Banner Height setting in it. You can set the height shown on different browsers. If you click the minus button in that section, it changes to flexible height and will give based on content.

Try flexible height or adjust the fixed height as necessary.

If I set the banner to be “Hero” and preview in Safari, the banner will be above the nav bar. I’ll take a read of the Foundry forum to see if i’ve missed a setting. Just slightly confused considering I was following a video.



aha. Thanks. I kinda expected it to auto size on height.

Aha! The Nav bar goes inside the banner. Think I’ll go and read some more docs and watch some more vids. Amazing stuff!

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