Which Banner(?) setting gives this bottom stripe?

(RW8, Stacks, Foundry)

Hi and good day,

Anyone an idea which Banner(? or image?) setting produces this bottom stripe?

All I have is a banner margin top//bottom 20px, don’t find anything else.



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Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

impossible to tell without a url so we can see the code

hi @swilliam,

it’s here: http://bit.ly/2VUrAR4


Nav pairing On / Off doesn’t do anything.

Inspect element (the lower part of the blue banner) shows this:

	<div class="text-xs-center foundry-image-wrapper">
		 <img src="files/image_stack_img_152.jpg" alt="Image" draggable="false" class="img-fluid "> 

It seems like instead of adding an image to you the Banner stack’s image drop zone, in the Banner stack’s settings, that you’ve simply added an image stack inside the banner area itself, which is incorrect. If you’d like to send me a copy of your project file I would be happy to take a quick look.

Hi Adam;
As far as I understand as a newcomer to RW, I did not add an image stack to the banner, but only an image to the banner … …………

It looks like so: https://d.pr/free/i/jvtWyR

Actually I have no idea what’s going on!
If I add the image as a background to the banner, I don’t even see the banner any more.
What’s your email in case …?

with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

Have you tried this?53%20PM



Thank you @peppermint - genius !

/ okn

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If you look there at your screenshot you’ll see you’ve placed an Image stack inside the Banner stack. I suspect you’re trying to make that image your banner’s background, correct? If so you’ll want to delete that Image stack and instead drag and drop your image here in the Banner stack’s settings:

If you’re not trying to make the image your banner’s background, then ignore me, but that is how most people use the stack.

Thank you Adam for your input & sorry for this confusion.

  1. What you’re pointing at, I’ve tried and in the preview there is nothing, so what covers the banner? (strange).

See here: https://d.pr/free/i/YlId9c

  1. What I originally wanted was an image on top of a blue banner, such as this:

  2. On top of that RW also has Banner > Background > Image (?!)

with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

It is likely that you’ve set the Banner up to be flexible height, but not included any content in the banner. I’ve mentioned it before, but if I have your project file in-hand I can better troubleshoot your problem. If you’d like to send that to me, either as an email or a direct message here on the forum using Dropbox, or a similar service, I’d be happy to look at it.

My email address is adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If you notice, in the screenshot below, you’ll see you’ve got the banner set to flexible mode. This means the banner adjusts its height based on content you’ve placed within the Banner stack. Since you have nothing within the Banner stack the height is zero, which is why you do not see it.

You can either click on the circular + button the I’ve indicated in the screenshot above to set the banner to fixed-height mode, or you can add content to the banner while still in flexible height mode. Generally when using the Banner stack in flexible height mode you’d add a Margins stack in the banner along with other content, say a header and / or paragraph stack.

Essentially what I’m getting at is that the stack is working without error on its part. You just need to make some adjustments to how you’re using it.

Hope this helps out a bit.

Also, don’t forget there are detailed documentation pages for every Foundry stack as well as many free tutorial videos.

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