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Hi everyone,

I’d like to hide the URL from the status bar. By using markdown I can accomplish this:
‘<‘a href=“javascript:void(0)” onclick=“location.href=‘http:\www.google.com’”>Link</a’>’
(Added ’ in front and after < in order to display the full command here.)

How do I need to fill in the SET LINK window in RapidWeaver to accomplish the same?


What is the purpose of hiding the URL from the status bar? Feels a bit sketchy…

Hi Joe, glad you ask :). I am using offsite to display an embedded website on a website. I’d like to hide the url’s on the embedded website so that the user get javascript:void(0) when they try to right click “copy URL”. Can I do this using the SET LINK window inside RW? Thanks.

If you are using the Offsite stack or the Offsite plugin(page type) niether uses the RW link dialog.

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear. People will access a homepage that’s using the offsite stack to display an embedded website. The embedded website has a few buttons and other clickable elements; but this page is not indexed. If possible we want to hide the URL of these buttons and other clickable elements on that embedded page. My question has nothing to do with the offsite stack, but because I got ask about some background details I thought it’s worth mentioning.

I am not sure that I understand the point. When the url clicks on the button, they can see the Url in the browser anyways. But here is how you can do that…

CleanShot 2021-02-16 at 12.00.39

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Cheers Mr. Workman! Nailed it. Much thanks.

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