Linking pages within Rapidweaver

I have designed a site for an Artist that does not like the classic navigation. Surprisingly it gets more complicated satiafying what he wants. I chose Pure as my theme and used a combination of page links and MyMenu to set up the navigation.
It turns out that on the page links that are applied on an image display the destination page. The customer likes this, but he does not like the full path displayed on the bottom left of the page. Is there a way of turning off the link displayed on the bottom of the page, but still have the destination page show on hover? See

see if you can turn off bred crumbs in the settings/advanced or in the theme

I am using the Pure them which does not have that option. I did look into the configure settings and the Display Breadcrumb trail is unchecked in the advanced settings.

What you are seeing I think is the browser status bar, not a breadcrumb. I don’t believe there is an easy way to turn this off, it is a browser controlled.

I looked at your site (safari 9.02) and went to the menu selected view->hide status bar and the path went away.

That worked great for Safari. I tried to find the same setting in Chrome and Firefox with no luck. Anybody have any insights into where the setting is for these browsers?

I think the point here is that it is a end user controlled option. You can’t expect your user to turn on and off a browser option. I have seen JavaScript that can attempt to hide the status bar but a lot of anti malware software will block this from working. It is a security options, hiding where a link goes. You may find more help on this if you repost this under something other than podcast, someone else may have another solution that will solve this.