Hiding a link in the status bar

Hi all,
I plan to use Joe Workman’s PostOffice stack to offer a free pdf & mp3 files, to download.

I have set a Download button, but when hovering the button, the full url appears in the status bar, which I find annoying.

Is there a way to hide the url?

That’s a security thing controlled by the browsers. Gives people a chance to view a link before clicking as to avoid suspicious links that may have things like malware.
So I don’t believe, at least I’m not aware of any way to hide it.

OK, thanks!

If anyone is interested, I found out that I had a stack that makes it possible to offer files for download without making the link appear in the status bar.
The stack is True Download, by Doobox, and I just bought True Download 2 which is a little better.

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