Hiding iOS Safari Bars

Testing how a mobile site will look like in Rapidweaver is a bit unrealistic since it doesn’t show the top and bottom bars.

Is there a way to add css or other way to hide those in the real safari and make it look like the emulator in Rapidweaver?

In short, Nope.
It’s the way Apple do things and there’s nothing that can be done about it though having the simulator visually represent the bars would be a boon.

I noticed that if you scroll they do go away, but if your site is a single full screen and or slide, the bars don’t go away.

The ‘going away’ is very annoying, it changes the height of the screen so if you have a 100% high picture at the top of the page then as soon as you scroll the available space becomes 110% and the content jumps or exposes dead space.
It would be far better if ALL the bars stayed in place and didn’t hide at all. What’s even more annoying is that Safari behaves differently in the iPhone and iPad

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