Hit the 🎯 with Target 2.0

Target has been a classic stack for over 7 years now. It has been used by thousands of Stacks users. While it’s had its more than fair share of updates over the years, I have wanted to put a new spin on the stack for years. I have done just that!

Target 2.0 has been completely rewritten from the ground up to be more powerful and easier to use. There are pre-baked in position settings for all of the most common places that you will want to use Target. The old advanced settings are still there for when you need more control.

There are also some brand spanking new features that will really blow your socks off. Like the ability to hide on scroll and docking content when its scrolled out of view. I am also really excited to see how you guys use the Call to Action integration. There are so many possibilities there.

It’s a FREE UPDATE to all existing users

It does not matter if you purchased Target 7 years ago or yesterday morning. You will get a free update.

I released this update last night to all existing users. I woke up this morning to a dozen emails with people blown away that I am giving such a huge update for free.

Why am I giving it away for free?

I think that I have to blame Big White Duck for the pricing insanity. He finally got to me… LOL

To be honest, I love using Target so much that I really wanted to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

But how about this… Let’s say that you bought Target years ago. If you download the update and really enjoy it, head over to my store and pick yourself up a new stack. Then we all win! :wink:

I really hope that you enjoy the update! If you are new to Target, you are going to love this new version.



@joeworkman Congrats on Target 2. This really is a major upgrade. Color me impressed!

Question 1:
I upgraded within RW, but how can I get the sample project? I looked at your webpage but could not find there.

Question 2:
What video camera are you using these days. Seems brighter & better than the camera you were using about 3 years ago. (That camera was also really good, but video seems even better now). I plan on getting a webcam this July. The product you are using seems perfect for my needs.

Question 3:
What happened to the dog? Cute dog at beginning of video, but no longer there 7 minutes later! :slight_smile:

There is a download link in the FAQ section on the product page. Target Stack for RapidWeaver

For the Target update video I used my Logitech BRIO. However, I also use my Canon G7X or 5D MkIV for a lot of my videos recently as well.

@joeworkman Thanks. Clearly I missed that FAQ page. My bad.

Thanks re: the Brio. Very helpful to know. Quite affordable with great results.

Folks, this is such a great stack and the update really puts it AMONGST the best out there for the ability to customize your site.

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As @LaPan noted: this is an amazing update to Target. Much more intuitive and much faster to implement than version 1. @joeworkman: thanks!

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Totally agree, brilliant update and for free. Not being the quickest on the uptake it is so much easier to use than the original. A must have stack I would say. As most of the sites I do use Target one way or another they will all get updated shortly. It even works with Impact once I had figured out setting the z index to stop the targeted text from fading with each slide transition.

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Thanks guys! I am happy that you are enjoying the update.

Not a previous user of TARGET, but I think you’ve got me sold. Any discount for us 1st timers?

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I don’t have any promos for this launch. Sorry. This stack is a great value though.

I may not do too many promos but I take care of my customers in other ways. Like free updates even if you bought 7 years ago. :slight_smile:

(I do have some paid upgrades for other stacks coming soon though)


@joeworkman : thanks !..

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LOL, well the update is certainly appreciated it. I can’t believe it’s been seven years. :cold_sweat:

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