Problems with the Target stack

I updated to Target 2.0. Before the update process I can read "Exisitng Target stacks will continue to work but will show as Legacy. Unfortunately that doesn’t work:

The updating process will replace the old stack (V 1.8.0) by the newer stack (V 2.0) and nothing will be shown as “Legacy”. The old stack just doesn’t work anymore

What to do now? All projects that used the old stack won’t work correctly and I do not want to get in all my projects, looking for the old Target stack and rebuild them

Did you restart RapidWeaver after you updated?

Restarted RapidWeaver, restarted macOS etc. No legacy stack

The Legacy stack cannot be found in the library. Can you show me a screenshot of what you are seeing? Can you send me a download to a (hopefully simple) project that contains a Legacy stack that has issues for you?

Here is a screenshot of how it should look…

Here is the download to that project in the screenshot… - Droplr

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