Link & Anchor Stack

Hi all
I really can’t figure out how to use the Link & Anchor Stack

I need to set up links within the same page
I want to have a list of contents at the top of a stacks page and link each item on the list to a (header or text) stack lower down the page.

I think the Anchor is the easy part & I got the below ref.
but when I go to my bullet points how can I link them to the anchor further down the page please?
Thank you in advance

I’m nt sure if this will work the same way as I’m using the Foundation 6 Anchors, but if I want to add a link in a text stack, I use the following markdown links.

The F6 Text stack does accept markdown, but you might need to use a specific markdown stack if the text stack you are using doesn’t

Thx Gary but Im no wiser sorry
let me try to explain by a screenshot
I have rightly or wrongly put an Anchor under my Network Heading & want to press the Network linking the text above to go to it on the same page & the same with the rest of the bullet points

I don’t know if you are using the basic RW text stack, but if you are, highlight the text you want to be the link, then click on the orange link button to bring up the RW link window.

Type in #Networks as suggested by the prompt and click on the Set Link button.

Give that a go

perfect that’s all I needed
many thanks Ruyton

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