Home page not displaying on desktop only

I’ve just published some minor changes to one of my websites and when I view it on an ipad or iphone everything is fine but when I look at it on my desktop browser (google chrome or safari) the page is just black even though there is plenty of source code behind it. The home page is[www.thecroftwales.co.uk](http:// www.thecroftwales.co.uk )
If I view any of the subpages http://www.thecroftwales.co.uk/contact.php for example it all works. I’m guessing I’ve accidentally clicked on some setting for the home page only thats causing this but have no idea what! Any help appreciated.

ps I’ve checked the obvious which is that I havent accidentally clicked the hide on desktop option!

Well I’ve managed to resolve it to a degree. I duplicated the home page, set the duplicate to be the home page and hid the original home page and re published and its displaying ok. So it cant have been the page settings. I’m still confused about what has happened but at least my website is working again!

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