High Praise for Adam Shiver from Elixir

Just wanted to send a huge public customer support thank you to Adam. I don’t know if he uses this forum, but want to let everyone know how helpful he was. If you are thinking about purchasing an Elixir product, the quality is excellent and customer service top notch. I had a problem with my theme that was entirely user error and he helped me through it promptly, with patience and kindness. Thank you to Adam and to the Rapidweaver community for helping out those just learning.


Yes, Adam is on the forums, he is @Elixir here, and would have to agree, a great guy and a great developer!

I do support for Joe Workman, so please check out his stacks and his GREAT Foundation Theme

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Hi there again Michele!

You are too kind. I’m glad I could help out and figure out the problem. We were all new to RapidWeaver and web development at one time. And anyone who acts differently is just being disingenuous. :slight_smile:



I’ll chime in on that too - Adam was extremely patient and kind in his support and help with me as a complete beginner with RW. Thanks again!

You all flatter me too much! Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad to help out.


Adam I have been referred to you as the key man from a colleague who does his web pages in RW. I am totally new to web design. other than dabbling in DW. I have been in print for over 30 years, graphic designer/agency experienced.
Work for myself now for 15 years. Bought the tesla pro theme, mainly interested in getting my personal website up showcasing my work. Bought stacks. Can you give me a little advice as to how to use the tesla pro theme to create a site for a graphic designer. There are so many add-ons, I get way confused. Other then that, I have clients that are CLAMMERING for new updated conventional corporate websites. That scares me too, do you think RW and elixer can satisfy both sides of the brain. I dont know a thing about code, and prefer to keep that to a min. I have a sold base of clients and cant let them down, and am tired of OUTSOURCING the web development part of the website. ANY advice would be appreciated. I need to learn, which tutorials, rapid weaver or elixer.? I greatly appreciate just a few words to get me in the right path.

Hi there!

Sorry I didn’t see your post until today.

As for satisfying “both sides of the brain” – Yes, I think RapidWeaver is a great tool for that. My previous job was as a graphic designer, page layout person and desk editor for the Sports section of a daily metro newspaper. I was in the print world for many, many years and this is now what I do full time. I think you’ve chosen the right path. :smile:

As for advice on how to use a theme – not sure what to say here honestly. It would depend on specific questions you might have. Using a theme is as simple as applying it to your project file. If you’re talking more about help building out a site’s content in RW, then the forums here are a good place to get tips and tricks and advice from users on doing that!

As for tutorials – RapidWeaver Classroom and the RapidWeaver Community site both have good tutorials on using the app itself. I have tutorial videos on my product pages for using my specific products. Both will be useful to you I suspect.