Please critique my website

Hey everyone. I would appreciate any constructive criticism on my website:

I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to website design. I used Foundry with Depth, and then a bunch of random stacks (shady, velvet video, superflex, youplay, instagram connect). It took me weeks just to figure out the nav bar that I wanted.

This website is basically just a place for me to showcase some of my travel photos and stories. I go on a lot of unusual trips and so I thought I could write some guides for others doing the same thing. I’m not planning on having any newsletters or things like that, just trying to leave my mark on the web and if some people click on a few ads here and there then great.

There’s not much content yet, just one article here:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on layout, fonts, SEO, responsiveness, page navigation, colors, ect. For the page with the article, I was trying to find a good balance between text and images. I can’t decide if I think the page comes off as “messy” or not.

I really appreciate your time and the help from this forum, it’s been extremely valuable. Thanks,


I like the overall layout and the way you’ve incorporated the sidebar menu.
BTW there is a typo in the about page title.

nice catch, fixed. Thanks

The page loads very quickly! I like the layout (your first set of three columns are uneven on Safari - not sure if you can address this).

Given your title is “focus on Adventure” I wonder if your colours could be a little more adventurous?

There are some beautiful photos, which are covered with filters, but the easiest way to address this, in my humble opinion, would be to make the menu bar the same colour as your buttons.

If you are new, then this is quite fantastic - well done.

Nice. One thing - that ‘Dalton’ thumb is way too big - 1MB. Reduce the size and the page will load more quickly. I’d check other image sizes as well in case any others have slipped through.


Yeah my image management is probably a bit of a mess. Thanks for the suggestion, will make a point to go through and review the images.

Is there a way to easily “scan” a website to locate fat files?

It’s kind of a blunt tool but

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