Hosting/embedding a Pan2VR Virtual tour

What is the best way to hosting/embedding a Pan2VR Virtual tour into a RW site. I have been sent the whole project to be and want to embed into my site

I used Panorama Studio 3 Pro in this example but I’ve also used Pano2VR in the past.

You need to export the project in a format that can be uploaded and displayed on the web. This is a shot of my server VR Tour directory and you will see that each scene has its own html file and corresponding json file. This is all produced by Panorama Studio 3 and then uploaded to the server using FTP.

I’m sure things have moved on since I produced this, but I would imaging the concept is still much the same. Produce the VR tour, export in a format that the web will accept and then upload by ftp.

I then use an ‘Offsite’ stack with a link to the first VR tour on a normal RW page and it works as advertised.

So you would just put the tour folder directly inside your public_html folder and then just link to it via the resources section in RWScreenshot 2021-05-10 at 15.16.37

Yes, that would work but it would be better to put it in a folder of its own, like /public_html/vrtour/home.html

Then your website home page would be public_html/index.html and you could add a link to the tour as /vrtour/home.html

Remember that the home page of a website needs to be index.html (or index.php) for it to be found automatically by a web browser when it goes to your domain.

I’m using an ‘offsite’ stack on a site page so I can display the VR tour in a window on that page and so the menus are still visible.

Sorry, I’m not going to make it the ‘home page’ the home.html was just the first file you can see.
I will upload the VT folder then create an iFrame link so I can display it in a certain size on one of the pages. That make sense?

Yes, that sounds good. Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Bit confused as to whats going on I copied some code from the Pano sites forums to display the VT.
I can kind of get it displayed but can’t change the size.

The tour which is in a text box/column inside RW

This is the code and what I’m getting no mater what display options I’m getting it doesn’t display any bigger

Maybe paste that code into a RW html stack?

If you paste it into a text stack or column it’s never going to be any bigger than the column.

No the same. The code obviously isn’t what I need so hopefully someone will chip in

I presume you are following the instructions here?

I haven’t outputted the tour it was sent to me. I’m finding out now what they have done.

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