TCMS embed URL hipwig editor

I want to display a VirtualTour inside Blog post using hipwig embed option using the URL:
This Virtual Tour is embeded on my rapidweaver website URL:

This is the screen of the process and the final result:

This html use external xml javascript files

Is this asking to much from Hipwig editor?
what am I doing wrong?

Loads of errors coming up for that page, here are a few from the pano section:

The pano section is working in my website, no question about it.
If you click on the URLs you can confirm they are working.

Rapidweaver Offsite stack is displaying correctly those panos in my website
I am using standard Pano2VR Pro virtual tours

OK, I thought that your first post suggested that you had a problem?

I do see the pano file running OK in Safari, but my Brave browser was blocking them.

I can´t visualize this URL containing a virtual tour, but inside TCMS hipwig editor using embed function.

Offsite stack can display it in rapidweaver. Hipwig editor can´t (perhaps caused by some adittional settings I m not aware)

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