Image Mapping in Image Wizard

I have several group photographs on my website and they are displayed using Image Wizard.

Rather than have a list of names shown below the photograph I would like to have the name of each person revealed as the cursor hovers over them.

I am new to RW so any suggestions as to how this can be achieved would be most welcome.

There are a few stacks out there that can do this. One is called Points by Joe Workman. I work for Joe, so if you have any questions about Points, let me know.

Looks like Will Woodgate of Stacks4Stacks just released a similar stack called ImageMapper2, you can read about it here:

I would also suggest searching the Realmac Community site here
Not exactly sure what you would search for, but you might find some of the other ones there.

Good luck.

@Tzus The HotSpotsPro stack could be good to use for this:

In particular, using tooltips would provide a similar effect to what Facebook uses for people tagged in photographs. There are lots of options to style and recolour tooltips in HotSpotsPro. It could be setup so that tooltips appear when you mouseover faces. The tooltip could contain the name of the person. I think it should work quite well.

There is a free demo version of HotSpotsPro, so you can fully test the stack to see if it comes close to what you want.


HotspotsPro is the perfect stack for that job.

My thanks to all. I will them a try.