How can I make a Quick Exit button to keep users safe?

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Domestic Violence victims may need to quickly leave a site for their own safety. I am making such a resource site and have found a way of providing an escape: The problem is I do not know how to implement it in Rapidweaver. Is it possible to cut and paste things into the appropriate places?

I am currently using the brilliant stacks4stacks RWML stacks to construct a multi lingual resource site with meditation and relaxation audio files that will mostly be used on smartphones, but still there are situations where it would be safer, as much as is possible, to quickly depart and not leave a browser history.

There are many people on this site who are absolute wizards on this stuff, can anyone help me join the dots?

(Will Woodgate) #2

I’m not 100% sure to what extent that suggested code would ‘clear up’ after itself and not leave any browser history. There are other ways people might have their online activity tracked or monitored.

However I took the suggested JS code (from the box immediately above the ‘View Demo’) button and pasted it into my Builder stack. When I viewed the page in a normal web browser (outside of RW preview) it seemed to work as expected when the escape key was hit.

In the context of RWML, placing these configured Builder stacks inside RWML Wrapper stacks will let you ‘depart’ users from the website to desired addresses. Perhaps different addresses, depending on the language being viewed?

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