Password...login into account stack or add-on

I’m in need of help. I would like to create a website with password and login with private account access for clients…any ideas… (also create a forum similar to this…)

Depends how many clients. If just a few then PageSafe from joe Workman.

If many clients and you want a good management system then SiteLok is the best solution.

As for setting up a forum, I hate them, just too much work to manage! however, there are loads of third party solutions if you must.


Sitelok is amazing @edmond - fully recommend it for Members site with sign up and management

For simple login pages we have a Stack for making private pages.

Forum software is Discourse and not the easiest to work with but you could run it on a sub domain on your site

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My PageSafe stack has been one of my most popular stacks over the past few years. It’s a dead simple way of password protecting webpages. You can setup multiple password to login with.

If you go with Sitelok, it is a more powerful solution. Albeit more complex to setup as well. I have stacks that make it easier to implement inside RW.


Thank you very much. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Thank you very helpful.

Thank you.

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Thank you!!!

I have to ask. Is your name actually Edmond Dantes!?!?

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