How can I see which plugins need the serial number entered?

(kim) #1

Using converted RW6 file, updated computer and RW7.
Installed newest of everything I believe.
Saw nowhere to enter serials… Therefore…
Site uploads with this message…

Made with an unregistered copy of RapidCart

(Rob Beattie) #2

So it’s just the RapidCart plugin that’s unregistered? I’d look back through your emails to see when you bought it. Serial number or link to it should be in the email somewhere.


(kim) #3

I don’t know… I thought RW would alert you to unregistered add ons somewhere.
Didn’t see this till I uploaded.
Thanks Rob!

(David) #4

In the page inspector in RW, when you look at the RCP page there is a line about the license and then a "lost license " link, where I imagine you can retrieve your credentials. This is on RapidCartPro though, not sure if it’s the same on the older RapidCart.

(kim) #5

Thanks David.
That does help because I have RapidCartPro also, that I will be switching over to soon. :slight_smile:

(system) #6

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