Rapidcart Pro 4 Advanced and how to get from payment to a working plugin

Hi All,

Need some help with this plugin, after I bought it, I am totally lost with it, out of options and more drama hahaha.
Since the helpdesk in Italy is not that advanced (Unfortunately, since this program is just great) I ask you guru’s!

First of all the stacks appear in RW7, but not the program itself. Stacks are all version 4.7.1 , while the program is 4.10.0. (like in the distributed DMG)
Now I like to enter a serial . but don’t see the program. How come ?

Could it be something with old prefs or something? Had older version installed before. , reinstalled it several times, etc

I’m running RW 7.4

Thanks, Cheers and so on,


I don’t use RCP but my understanding it has a plugin that has to be added to the project. Try looking under the add button (like adding any page) and look for all plugins.


Have you tried opening their free demo store? It might help you wrap your head around the setup…

If you don’t have it already, you can get it here: https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/projects/simple-store


How brilliant stupid I am on my free day…Working! Registrated!
Was busy looking at the stacks all the time.

Where can I send that beer? Thanks!