RapidCart Pro: Could not obtain Plug in principal class

Madness! RapidCart Pro can no longer load since last update to RW8!
Iy gives this message:

I am having this problem as well. I thought it was because I was using RW7, but I upgraded and still same issue. Please let us know once you see an fix. Kinda urgent for those who need to make an update!

Yes, I have it now in RW7 as well as in RW8. In December everything was still fine. I guess a certificate thing? It is VERY BAD as I can not update my store now. The developer of RapidCart has no way of contacting them, no e-mail, no web mail form etc.
Bit panicing here!

See other thread, Foreground is investigating issue already :+1:t3:

Hi Eric,
which thread is that? can you post a link? A search did not get me to that topic…

It’s here:

Me too! I’m in bit of pressure because I really need to update my site!

I’m actually thinking that I should move off RW and try another web client…

4gnd just released RapidCart Pro 4.12.1 which should fix the issue


I confirm the problem has been fixed.
Just download the update we have just released.


Update did show and installed, indeed fixed! Pfew!

Thanks Rob for the quick solution!

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