How do I enable hover box in College 2?

(Eric Edwards) #1

I cannot seem to find any way of enabling the hover box facility likewise lightbox effect. Can anyone help?

(Rob Beattie) #2

Do you mean HoverBox?


(Eric Edwards) #3

Yes Rob, enabling text to be added to photos when a curser is hovered over the photo.

(Rob Beattie) #4

Are you sure?

I don’t have the stack I’m afraid but all the demos just show photos being overlaid on photos and it doesn’t look like there’s a lightbox effect at all. @willwood will know.


(Eric Edwards) #5

Rob, I have made a stupid error - I did mean College 2. I have read the online manual and all it says is:

Hover Text
The hover text will be shown in a box that appears only when the visitor moves their mouse pointer over the Collage item. Before entering text in the Hover Text field you’ll need to enable the Hover effect in the Collage settings.

But how do I get the settings open?

(Will Woodgate) #6

The HoverBox stack has never had a lightbox effect of its own. However you can apply links and custom attributes to content placed within HoverBox - which could then trigger a lightbox or modal window on click. So it would be feasible to use HoverBox in conjunction with a stack like FancyViewer or perhaps TopBox. Lots of people have successfully got HoverBox to work with some of my other lightbox stacks in the past. The exact custom attributes to use for the link would depend on which lightbox stack you are preferring to use. The product pages for the lightbox are likely to document the exact configuration to use. There are free demo versions of everything to download and try first.

(Rob Beattie) #7

Completely different product. Collage is from Yourhead Software and that’s a question for @isaiah

(Isaiah Carew) #8

The settings for all pages are the rightmost tab in the Info Sidebar.
But, probably easier to just show you.

Update: oh, what a bummer… it seems the forum is no longer showing animated gifs? Well, at least not for me. Click the image – it’s really a tiny movie. It should show if you click it.

Update 2: the movie works inline now. weird. maybe the problem was on my end? or maybe it just takes a while? dunno… but there it is.

Here’s a quick movie:

(Eric Edwards) #9

Isaiah, thank you very much - problem solved!!!

(system) #10

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