How do I link to an anchor on another page?

(Jason Bostick) #41

Ha, sometimes Intimacy/Desire = Adjustment/Difficulty and Parenthood = Stress/Worry.

I think it’s just a typo.


(Jason Bostick) #42

Then the other edit might be too move the anchor up a bit. Put it above the ‘Adjustment to Parenthood’ header, vs inside the ‘Read More’ section, where it looks to be now.

(Scott Frankel) #43

Ha, spot on…all leads to Stress and Worry.
Oh dear, yes it was a typo and link is working better now and yes I will move the Link stack up as it opens a bit low on the article.
Thank you so much…really appreciate the help, I owe you a beer or two…might even have one now, need some less stress!!
Cheers Scott

(Jason Bellchamber) #44

This page helped me! Thank you everyone! I have html scrolls with a photogallery on each and link to them from my main page.