Anyone know how to Link to an Anchor in a Page>

Hi all,
I’m using the link feature when hi-lighting a word and I see how to set the link to a page.

However, I have NO clue how to set the link to an anchor.

Would someone be so kind as to tell me how to do this?

Thank you

I’ve already tried this from the “link dialog box” when selecting my text and choosing “Edit Link…”

name value
title page#absbeginner_anchor

You can get the free Link & Anchor stack by Weavers Space:


I hear ya, that that’s really not the solution for fixing a high-lighted word and linking it to an anchor.

I need to be able to high light a word and link it to an anchor.

Should be easy and doable out of the box

make the link : #YourAnchorName

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You already have an anchor setup on the page, correct?

If the link and target anchor are on the same page, then you should be able to just select URL in the link box and then enter # followed by the anchor name, as Scott mentioned.

If the link and target are on different pages, then select URL and put the page name (folder and file name from the general settings tab) followed by # and then anchor name. You can use a relative reverence for the page name, but it needs to be correct. If you are using tidy link, you can omit index.html/php from the link url.

Btw, don’t test in RW Preview. I find a lot of times it won’t scroll to the correct place on the page. Use the File menu and select “Preview in Safari”.

If you are working on a Stacks page you can use the Link and Link Anchor stacks from @joeworkman

here’s what I"m doing. On my homepage is a link that is a word. I am trying to link that word to an anchor on another page.

When linking a word to another page, it’s a breeze, no brainer. However, it is not obvious nor easy to link to an anchor that is on another page or even on the same page because anchors that exist on the current page or other pages are not shown in the Link Dialog Box.

In my example pic, I show that I can choose a page to link my word to. However, I do not see the anchors on that page.

So my question is:
How do I link my text, Absolute Beginner, to an anchor on my packages page, which is NOT my homepage - the page That I am on - the packages page is a different page.

Is that more clear?

I have also tried the following:

I set the link to the page and the anchor that is on that page by using the # tag.

Is that the correct way to set the link to go to the anchor on another page using the Link Dialog Box?

How you are doing it is wrong. You can use links that way with anchors. At least not that I have heard. Use a URL and do it this way:


Go to your “packages” page. In the right-hand inspector, under General, what is the Folder and Filename set to? A screenshot of those settings are fine.

With that, we can probably tell you what to put in the Link box.

And, do you have the anchor already setup on your “packages” page?

Here’s what I have
and thank you all for the help!! This is awesome :smiley:

In your link dialog, leave it set to “URL” and type packages/#absbeginner_anchor into the box. You can fill in the Title attribute, if you want.

Make sure you use the “Preview page in Safari” feature from the File menu in RW and not just RW preview when testing.



I knew that this was easy!!! I just couldn’t figure out the “syntax” and where to put it.

Plus, the / in the /# is the key syntax!!!


Thx so much Don!!! This is a life saver! Now I can use my anchors!!


I have “no” clue what Name & Value are for where the “title” and value are. o well, I don’t need them haha :smiley:

Allen, here’s some more info, in case you (or anyone else) need it.

The first part in the URL "products/" changes to the page you want to go to. Remember, this is the folder and/or filename of the page you want to go to. You do have to make sure it’s the complete URL relative to the page you’re on.

Using tidy links means you can leave off the index.html (or php) from the page location, as the web server will try those. It’s simpler than putting "products/index.html", which would also work.

The second part "#absbeginner_anchor" then scrolls to the spot on the page. If you leave off the page part of the URL and just put "#absbeginner_anchor" by itself it will scroll to that anchor on the page you’re currently on.

If you have issues implementing this, understanding this helps track down which part is not working: switching to the page or scrolling to the correct spot.

The name and value allow you to add additional attributes to the link html tag. The title attribute can be used to show a tool tip when someone pauses their cursor over the link. In the example below, you’d see “Go to Absolute Beginner section”. when you put your cursor over the link.

It also helps site-impaired users, many of which use screen readers to help them “see” pages. It also helps search engines understand site and page content. It’s good to add the “Title” attribute.


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Hi Don, this is very useful information. I have never used the title key and I have no ideas what other keys can be used. I hate to program html/web pages in general, haha.

However, knowing that about title really helps so that I can make my pages better.

With RW8, I never knew how to use links or anchors. This info helps me a lot!!

I’ve gotten the Link-Anchor to work, too. And now, where I need more, I know what to do. :smiley:

Thx again and I’m sure others will find this topic useful!!!


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