Adding an attribute to a link

(Jon Norris) #1

On a button stack, click “link”, choose the page you want to link to - and then how do you add the link to the anchor within that page - how do you do that?
Add a Custom attribute, put a in the Name and anchor name in the Value?
I tried with " and without and lots of other tricks, but the a is not listed on sites guiding you about these attributes.
I used Joe Workmans Link Anchor stack to give it a name, but he says that only works for links within the same page. And I still need to know how to link to it from the Set Link thing.
Any help please?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

The link and anchor stack will work between pages. See this example.
On the bottom of that page is a link that will bring you to the first page to an image on the bottom. Try it out.

(Jon Norris) #3

That’s good, but how do you add that anchor to the link when you set the link in the settings. I read your other help in various threads but Ive yet to see how to set it. Like many things, you can hand code it easily - but guessing how the stack wants it is another!
I used your link anchor, named the stack “order” - how do I then use that?
Your anchor link stack says to use href="#order" but RW rejects href as not a valid parameter.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #4

You need to include the URL to the page then the anchor link. So on the link above the URL is this

To have it work between pages you need to know the URL of the pages you are linking too.

(Jon Norris) #5

Many thanks again.
Thought RW would do it as part of the page option!