How do I migrate rapidweaver to new computer

I recently had to “wipe” my computer and reinstall el capitan. All my files/applications are on a Time Machine backup. How do go about migrating all my rapidweaver website related files/plugins I need. I had to go thru this process once before quite a while ago but don’t remember where it was that i had to look for necessary files/plugins. If it makes a difference, I was using Rapidweaver 5 which I was going to download “Fresh” (I hope).


Hey David - this topic has been covered previously that’s why there are like 67 views of your post but no responses. Simply search via the “magnifying glass” icon top right of this page for something similar to “migrate rapidweaver new computer” and follow the topics.
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Here’s a good starting point


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Thanks for the help. I finally was able to accomplish the transfer but not without some angst. My files were all stored in Time Machine backups and for the life of me, I could not figure out how to find the “Library folder” under my user profile. I never was able to get the actual Library folder to display but did ultimately find the needed Rapidweaver folder with the help of “Search”. Thanks again for the help.


This is the first result returned in a google search for “how to move rapidweaver to new mac.” Additionally, using “the magnifying glass” in the top right as the second poster advised, returns THIS PAGE as the first result. If anyone has a link to an FAQ or offcial instructions, they may want to post that link in this thread as it would help guide those of us just coming in to the search.

Don’t know if there’s an official faq.
It can depend a lot on how your migrating other data and programs, new install or migration assistant (Mac to Mac, time machine, etc.).
There’s been quite a few posts here relating to “new Mac”:

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