Easiest way to migrate to new computer?

need to migrate from RW6 on previous MacBook Pro to RW7 on newer MacBook Pro with El Capitan installed. I know migration has been covered before but the info is scattered in molecules and uncommented posts. So maybe we could get a clear procedure description here?
I have exported the site to a portable device but since there is no clear import path that I can find…


This is a good starting place.

thanks Mark, but I still need to find out how to migrate it from the old computer. Probably easy match but I dont find the info I need

First, move Rapidweaver 6 to the new machine:

In order to install RapidWeaver on your other machine, please download the latest version of RapidWeaver 6 from this page https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/releasenotes/

Open it and register it with your code.

In order to move the third-party add ons, you will have to follow these next steps:
• Open RapidWeaver 6
• While holding the ⌥-key down, head over to the menu and select [File > Reveal Addons Folder] (please refer to this screenshot)
• Quit RapidWeaver
• You will have to copy the contents of this previous folder on to your secondary computer, and add them to the same folder on your other Mac.

Finally, when working across multiple computers, it is very important that you do not store your .rw6 RapidWeaver Project File (or .rwsw for RapidWeaver 5) on Dropbox (or similar cloud synching solutions) The best way to work across multiple computers would be to save your project locally, then right-click on the project file and select [Compress…]. This will add the project inside a .zip archive. You can them move the .zip archive via USB or Dropbox. Please make sure to always save your projects locally.

Then, make the move to Rapidweaver 7