How do I reduce whitespace in Simple Business theme?

My specific questions is as stated in the topic. I’d like to tighten up the vertical space between elements in the Simple Business template.

More generally, I’m coming back to RW after many years. Has it left us casual users behind? The manual is no longer available(?) and I could only find one “getting started” video. My “site” is personal, not served on the web, just on my local network and is text-heavy. What’s the best way to get up to speed on the basics?

RealMac the maker of RapidWeaver has a youtube channel

And they never have been very good at written documentation like manuals. They do have a pretty basic one for RW7 even though RW9 isn’t that far off;

Now to the main question you asked

I’m pretty sure that you can. With Rapidweaver if you don’t find any setting like this in the themes master styles area then you can usually do something like that with a little bit of custom CSS.

Now if you don’t know CSS there are quite a few of us that can help you out with this on the forum.

It’s best practice for the person who is seeking help like this to include a URL to at least a test page with the theme you are using that has a sample of what you want to change along with specifics of what you want to change.

You see most CSS changes are figured out with the browser’s developer tools and are often different from theme to theme. So for someone to help you, they would have to have the theme you are using and then set up a test environment of their own just to get to where they can help.

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Thanks so much for your thorough reply. I found the RapidWeaver for Beginners series on Youtube. It was very helpful and I learned a couple of useful things:

  • You can type HTML tags in the composition window
  • The proper way to type a break tag is <br />

I’m still uncertain about the color coding in the composition window and also wondering about nesting tags like <code> and <blockquote> it seems you get one or the other, not both. Hopefully the manual you kindly posted for me will answer these and other questions.

I’m pretty sure I can figure out the CSS changes I need. I’m really just looking for help making the changes in RapidWeaver. I don’t know where the CSS for themes are located or how to edit them such that the changes apply to my site. Again, hopefully answered in the RW7 manual. I do appreciate your suggestions about providing working samples in the future. I’ll keep it in mind.

Finally, let me apologize for the whiny first post to this forum. In my defense, I’ll recap my out-of-the-box experience:

  • Launch RW8
  • Click on “Getting Started Video Series” –> 404 not found
  • Select “RapidWeaver Manual” from the Help menu –> fail to open page, probably because of a certificate problem
  • Select “RapidWeaver Video Tutorials” from the Help menu –> they all look like advanced topics

Like I mentioned previously, I used RW years ago, probably v1, 2, or 3. I can see how the program has grown to support professional developers for today’s web. Fixing just a couple of problems - really just missing or broken links - will help newcomers get on board quickly.

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