How do I resize an image?

I’m trying to drag an image from my desktop into the Home tab of my project. I cannot figure out how to resize (i.e. make the image smaller) it once it’s dragged onto the Home tab. The file info is: JPEG; 149 KB; 72 dpi; 676x668 image size.
When I drag the image onto the Home tab it’s huge and spills outside the boundaries of the page. In earlier versions of RealMac I would just click on the image and be able to resize (shrink) it. I don’t find that option on version 7.

I’m not versed in Markup or XML, Stacks, Plug-ins, or any of that technical ‘stuff,’ and I’m trying to maintain my own website instead of contracting with someone to do so. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks.


Can’t you just resize it in Preview before you drop it onto your Home tab - Preveiw>Tools>Adjust size ?

Hi Judy,

what type of page are you trying to drag the image into?


You could resize the file in Gimp or another image manipulation program before bringing it into Rapidweaver.

Hi Judy,
I think I know just what you are talking about as I’ve run into this myself.

If you click on a photo you’ve added to a page while in the edit mode, and all that comes up is the page where you can click on “done” but there is nothing to suggest you can resize the photo -here’s what to do.

Go to the page inspector and click on the left “i” and it will open the inspector window for the image. There you can scale to fit or set max width and height.

I hope that is what you were looking for.