Background Images and Galley images picture sizes?

(Steven Di Tunno) #1

I’m brand new to Rapidweaver and I used Deamweaver to create my own site back in 2009. That was a pain. So now I have watched the youtube videos from realmac to get some help in what i want to create.

I am creating a new portfolio site to showcase my photoshop artwork and some photos of signs (I used to be in the sign business) that I did. I have a few questions.

I want to create a photo galley and people click on a image and have that image show the larger image. What is a good size that I should make them in?

I also want to make the background a image of one of my works. What is a good size to save that image so it will fit the whole screen?

(Rob D) #2

There’s been many discussions here on the same topic. If you type something like “image size” in the search area, you will get them all…

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