How do I start a new topic on the forum?

The only Reply button I could find is this one. Why is there no obvious Reply, Start a New Topic or similar on openig the Forum? If there are such things they are not obvious.
I am a book publisher, not a web designer of software expert. RW used to be easy to use, now it is not user friendly and I am having difficulty in performing the simplest tasks. I have duplicated a page, renamed it, changed the text, deleted the image of a book cover, but now cannot add a new jpg. If I drag or cut and paste one from the desktop it appears on the edit mode but not on preview mode. So how do I add an image and how can tits size be increased? The online Manual is useless. Can someone please help before I go crazy trying to do such simple tasks.

Hi @jonrobey,

The New Topic button is located here: