Suggestion for a new topic or hangout

Is there a possibility for the Realmac overseers to create a permanent topic or hangout aimed purely at raw beginners? I am one of those who would appreciate the ability to place a question without having that feeling of being the odd one out. Just a thought, it may help lots of others? Who knows. We can but try!

Don’t worry about being the “odd one out.” We all were that person at some point.

Well, most of us.

Just ask away, do not be hesitant to ask ANY question in the forums, we are all here to help you out!

I’m imagining more of an area that newbies like myself can read slowly and quietly. Sometimes the more involved questions to the forum are a bit overwhelming and it’s nice to run back to that ‘safe place’ occasionally. :blush:

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Ah, I see. That would be up to @dan and @nikf. Good idea though!

As very much a newbie to RapidWeaver etc., I too would appreciate a beginners area where seemingly obvious questions can be asked without the “fear” of ridicule or blinded by technicalities. I am struggling hugely with RapidWeaver and have loads of questions I’d like to ask but essentially don’t want to waste more experienced users time / efforts in having them reply.

I’d like to see an area where users can submit their own RW and Stacks tutorials and how-to’s.

Some examples:

“How to customise FormSnap…”
“How to customise BackSnap…”
“My custom CSS for use with Codex”
“How to custom style xxxxx theme”
“RW/Stacks - Advanced techniques”

And so on. Not saying that I’d be able to submit new material every week … but I bet it would soon grow into a very useful collection of knowledge for newbies and a handy aide-memoir for advanced users.

Just my $00.02


A great learning resource for newbies (and more advanced) users is RapidWeaver Classroom ( run by veteran RapidWeaver user Ryan Smith. His video training is pro level and by signing up you support him and his family, not a huge corporation.

@kryten @mike_hamilton @mulgravebrad sounds like a great idea.

Would you like me to create a new category in the forum for this, if so what shall we call it?
Perhaps a beginners area would work?

Let me know.


@dan I’d be inclined to make two new areas:

“RW Beginners”
=> Where as @mike_hamilton says, new users can share experiences, difficulties and triumphs safe in the knowledge that someone isn’t going to drop a deadweight of javascript on their heads. This area would be, in my opinion, a goldmine to RMS… in terms of comprehending the RW onboarding experience. It may also inform more structured questions from those users on the main forums… by which time the questioner may have sufficient knowledge of the problem to confidently ask the correct question - and use the answer.

“Community Tutorials”
=> Where contributors can supply “how-to” materials. Customising themes and stacks… integrating third party code and plugins.

I do not mean details about how to disassemble vendor stacks and rewrite them, or hacking themes in ways that the original vendors may find objectionable. More about how to get the most out of them in your projects.

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Dan, as krypton has suggested would be perfect - go for it.

Done! We now have a “Beginners” and “Tutorials” category :smile:

Happy Weaving!


Thanks Dan. What a star :smile:

Great! Encourage all your new members to join in. Thanks again.