Unable to start a new project

One of the strangest things I have experienced with RW-I am unable to start a new project. When I do, all I get are messages urging to watch Getting Started Video Series—over and over again. Huh?

You should be able to use the add button (upper left) and select the page type (stacks, styled text) that you want to start with.

Doug, thanks…! Don’t know why RW does not offer a link to start a new project though.??? Strange.

@Fox_of_Japan It works perfectly fine. Based on your description it seems you are just getting confused, or perhaps “seduced” by the video series button. It’s a 2 step dance and works just great.

Step 1: start new project (see image). I realize you’ve done this but … including anyways.

Step 2: RW has no idea at all what kind of page you want to add. So click that + button at the top left. Most of the time folks will select Stacks, but it could be one of the others.

Based on your description everything is working fine. You just aren’t focused on the top left plus button.


Matthew, thanks for your speedy reply. There was something else wrong, and the screen did not show like yours, below.

Funny thing, I have called Rapid Weaver many things over the past, but ’seductive’ is not one of them!:grinning:

Keep up the great work!


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