How do I unpack a Partial

A stupid question I know.
I have created a Partial and copied it to numerous pages. I now need to make quite a significant change to it.
I have had a look on this forum and someone mentions clicking on the Unpack button. I can’t for the life of me see it / find it.
Can anyone help please.

Thanks in anticipation.


Got it sussed. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees - EEK!!


The idea of a partial is that you can make the change and it be reflected in all instances across your project.

If you have copied the original partial to the other pages, and want the same “big change” to all pages, just make the change on one of the instances and it will change all.

I wouldn’t unpack the partial then change it unless you want and additional and different partial.

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Hi bitbumpy,

Thanks for the reply. As I said, I missed seeing the Unpack button. All sorted now.

So I understand there is no way to re-pack? Where do you make changes to a partial other than the big 4, background,border,layout,responsive? What about that particular stacks setting?

When you create a partial, it is saved in your Stacks library (under whatever name you originally gave it) so you can drag that partial back on to your page. Or else you can create a new partial.

Not re-packing, per se, but a partial is meant to make changes in multiple places at once so I think reusing an existing partial or creating a new one is doing what you’d want it to. (I think??).

Thank you … Still having trouble wrapping my head around where you can change a partial and have it affect the rest of the pages it is part of?

So, you have to create a partial first, then place it on all the parts of your site where you’d like global changes. Once you’ve done that (and keep them as partials, without unpacking them) then all changes made in one will be made in the others.

This video describes it better than I can.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words than “that” video is worth … 10000000000000000000000000
Thank you!

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