Partial, when edited doesn't effect pages that use it

I’m a beginner here. I created a Home page and then created a partial that included my Foundry stack, NavBarPro, and a Typeface stack. When I created a new page, I decided I wanted to change the page background as well as the header background and some of the characteristics of the Navigation Items (color/background on hover, etc.).

I went into the partial, double-clicked to open/ unpack it, and made the changes. Nothing changed on either of my two pages. Thoughts/help please.

I am not sure I understood your issue. But this, among others, may be one of the recent bugs that @Isaiah is working on. Hopefully, the new update to Stacks 4.x will cure that.

When I make any changes and save once, the Preview does not reflect that change. For now, the workaround that I use is to save more than once before previewing. For instance, after saving while partial is still open, I save again after closing it.

If you double-click a partial, it really doesn’t unpack it. Unpack is a separate button. Unpacking just simply remove the partial from the page and replaces it with a copy of the stacks that were part of the partial.

Double click should open up the partial editor. You can tell you are in this editor by the Back button. You need to hit the back button for the partial to change.

Thank-you. The double save seems to be working.

Sorry. I’m not familiar with the RW “lingo” yet. I did go to partials, then double-clicked on the one I created, made my changes and clicked the “back”. No dice. The double save mentioned above worked-- though a pain to exit RW and then come back in to see my changes. It also doesn’t seem to like it when I make more than one change to the color-picker. If I “pick” the wrong one and go to correct and “pick” the one I wanted, nothing registers until I exit RW and come back in. The same is true when I try to change the hover colors, etc. on the NavBarPro inside the Partial.
Thank-you in advance.

Rob @Rovertek,
I don’t think the workaround envolves exiting RW? It simply saving (⌘ Cmd+S) twice right?

You are correct, Doug. You don’t need to exit RW to see the change in Preview. Just save, then do any change, as simple as closing/opening any stack/partial and after that save again.

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