Copy part of a page, no partial

How do I copy a container with several stacks to another page, were I will change some minor things (like a link at a button), without making the container a partial? It would save me a lot of time. Making it a partial means that I cannot change (part of) the container only on the particular page.

If I understand correctly. You can select multiple stacks while holding shift (Version 4 required). Copy then paste where ever. Nested stacks will be copied with their parent even in Version 3 if I recall. So for a whole container you can just select the container stack then copy and paste.

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You can make sections of a partial that are not globally edited, look the partial below

On the top right of each stack you can see either a blue/white pin icon or a grey/black one.

The blue/white pin means that the stack contents in the partial will change globally. But if you click on it to change it to grey/black, that stack and it’s content will not be changed globally, it will keep what ever content is set on the page/section it’s used.


Thank you Greg and Paul! That is really helpful. It would be so nice to have these basic techniques in a RW manual…

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